Parts of the park could be closed!

Over the past few years, parts of the park have closed at times for various reasons. As this is changing all of the time, please see this LonelyPlanet forum for the most up to date information:

Parque Nacional Natural El Cocuy

Hola hola, I'm John. I made this website with the idea of hopefully helping future travelers to Parque Nacional Natural El Cocuy answer some of their questions. I'm certainly not an expert, I simply went hiking in the park in and had a lot of trouble finding information on how to get there, trails, where to stay, etc. But I also really enjoyed it, and came away with the impression that PNN El Cocuy is a hidden natural gem that not enough people who visit Colombia get to see. So maybe this website will convince you to pay a visit.

The only way I can keep this website really useful for people is with your help (I don't live in Colombia, and I can only call the park rangers so many times a year to ask my millions of questions about updates). Please, please send me pictures and any updated information you think might be useful after you get back to Bogota, Bucaramanga, or wherever you head after leaving PNN El Cocuy. And of course if any information on this website is wrong, out of date, you find broken links, etc let me know. Hope you enjoy the park.

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john at pnncocuy dot com

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