Parque Nacional Natural El Cocuy
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PNN El Cocuy is located in central-northern Colombia, about 50 miles (80.5 kilometers) east of the main highway between Bogota and Bucaramanga, just south of Bucaramanga. Getting there isn't difficult but does take some time, which has helped keep the park pristine and in many peoples' opinions, one of the best kept trekking secrets in the world. Buses from Bogota take about 12 hours, from San Gil 15, and Bucaramanga 14.

From Bogota
Buses leave from Bogota heading to El Cocuy typically twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Because times change frequently check with your hostel in Bogota or call the bus terminal, but as a general idea the morning bus leaves around 7am and the evening bus around 7pm. They say the trip is 11-12 hours, but don't be surprised if it ends up being 14. The bus leaves Bogota and heads through Tunja, and once past Tunja is generally unpaved; it can be slow going, especially if there has been rain recently.

From Bucaramanga
Buses from Bucaramanga currently don't go all the way to El Cocuy; you'll have to take a bus to Capitanejo and change buses there. There are at least two buses a day leaving from Bucaramanga going to Capitanejo, usually both early in the morning. There seems to be a night bus as well. Again check with your hostel, they should be able to find the departure times for you. It's 10 or 11 hours to Capitanejo depending on the conditions of the road. The buses from Capitenjo first go to El Cocuy, then on to Guican. Unless you unexpectedly arrive very late in Capitanejo, you shouldn't have a problem getting one of these buses; from Capitanejo to El Cocuy it's another 3 hours or so. A note of caution-this road generally has more problems during rainy season than the road from Tunja. If you were wanting to visit San Gil, I suggest going from Bucaramanga to San Gil, and after your time there take a bus to Tunja. From Tunja you can catch a bus up to El Cocuy.

From San Gil
Although you can go up to Bucaramanga and do the bus route from there, in my opinion the easiest way to get to PNN El Cocuy from San Gil is by taking a bus to Tunja. From San Gil to Tunja it's 5 hours, and they run all day. There are a few buses a day from Tunja to El Cocuy; the last one leaves somewhere around 8 or 9pm. I'd plan on trying to get to Tunja by 6pm if you want to catch that night bus to El Cocuy, just to be safe. From Tunja to El Cocuy it's somewhere around 9-10 hours, again depending on the road conditions.