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Whether you're in Guican or El Cocuy, finding accommodation is easy. El Cocuy has a few more options than Guican, and maybe an internet cafe or two more as well. Check out the old faithful Lonely Planet guidebook for all the best options.

Once you get out of the city, you have plenty of options in the form of haciendas/cabanas/posadas. The best way to go about picking places to stay, in my opinion, is first to read my All The Info/Trekking section and more or less decide which day hikes you want to do. From that section you'll note that there are four main starting points for doing hikes into the park. Based on the hikes you want to do, I'd try to stay at the cabanas that are closest to the trailheads you're going on. For instance, if you want to hike Ritacuba (Ritak U'Wa) Blanco, your best bet is to stay in either Cabanas Kanwara or Posada Sierra Nevada. Both are right at the trailhead for the hike up Blanco. If you stay at Hacienda Pena Blanca, while on the same road, it's lower down and adds an extra hour of hiking in the morning if you're heading up Blanco.

All of the cabanas will serve you breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but they are slightly expensive. Also, most of them provide private transport from Guican or El Cocuy. Your cheapest option for getting to the cabanas is to take el lechero from El Cocuy early in the morning. It's important to note that el lechero stays on the main road and does not take the three side roads that lead up to Laguna Pintada, Hacienda Esperanza, Cabanas Kanwara/Posada Sierra Nevada; you'll have to walk from the main road up to your cabanas. From the main road to: the cabanas next to Laguna Pintada it's about a 1.5 hour hike; to Hacienda Esperanza about a 1 hour hike; to Cabanas Kanwara/Posada Sierra Nevada about a 1.5 hour hike.

La Capilla
On the main road el lechero takes from El Cocuy counterclockwise to Guican, you have the option of staying in the tiny town of La Capilla. If you're needing a warmer night at a lower elevation, want to see a beautiful town with amazingly nice Colombianos, and have good food to boot, I highly recommend a night in La Capilla. There is a small store and above it a few basic bedrooms; you can't miss it, there are only four families that live in La Capilla.

If you're heading to one of the cabanas close to the trailheads in December or early January, I'd recommend giving them a call to book in advance. Especially in late December, the places closest to the trailheads do fill up. You can also talk to them about getting transportation from El Cocuy or Guican.

Finally there are private homeowners along the roads that are much cheaper than the cabanas; if you're looking for budget accommodation, these are a great option and the people are really nice. Often if you're walking along one of the roads that leads up to the park from the main road, these homeowners will approach you and ask if you want a place to stay. Unfortunately usually they a little far from the trailhead.

List of Haciendas and Cabanas
Here is a list of places to stay in order from the southern end of the park to the northern end; if any new places pop up that I don't have listed here, please let me know: john at pnncocuy dot com.

Cabanas At Laguna Pintada (no name as far as I know)
Phone: Don't know, if you're there can you find it for me?

Cabanas Herrera
Phone: (311) 885-4263

Cabanas Del Pulpito
Phone: (314) 272-9524

Hacienda La Esperanza
Phone: (310) 200-4214

La Capilla Hospedaje
Phone: (316) 337-1507

Hacienda Pena Blanca
Phone: (310) 232-4839

Posada Sierra Nevada
Phone: (311) 237-8619

Cabanas Kanwara
Phone: (311) 231-6004